Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Personal Safety

At work today, I was talking to a driver who works for Columbus Wood Products out of Columbus, Ohio. We were just chewing the fat about nothing really. The conversation then turned to where he lived and the things that have happened to him wile living in that part of town.

Apparently, a few years back, he was out on a run delivering pizza at around 11:30pm. When he finished up for the night, he grabbed a free pie, tossed it in his car, and headed home.

While pulling into his apartment complex everything seemed to be normal. He drove into a parking spot, turned off his car, grabbed his dinner and opened his car door. The next thing he knew there was a gun pointed at his head. A robber demanded he give them his wallet. Scared for his life he readily gave it up. A hundred and fifty dollars isn't worth dieing for. Especially if you have a family.

After he gave up his wallet, the attacker and his buddy's jumped in the vehicle and took off.

Doing what any of us would have done, he called the police and filed a report. It seems there was a rash of robberies just like his in that area. The cops called nearby apartment complex security to tell them the description of the vehicle, what the assailants looked like, and what had happened.

A few hours later there was a knock at his door. It was 3:30am and he had just turned in after such a scary ordeal. He rolled out of bed and answered the door. It was the police. They need him to ID the people they just apprehended. Sure enough it was the same guys.

I asked him "Didn't you want to punch them in their face?"

He responded by saying "Seeing how the cops were there, it didn't seem to be such a good idea."

Makes sense i guess...

That story and other happenings in my life, really makes me think about how cautious you have to be. You never know when desperation will knock at your door. I can't help but think about how lucky he was.

Another thing he told me that most of those kids will talk tough but won't back it up. Flash a gun and they normally change their tune. It's a shame that it has to come to that. But, in the same sense, I'd also hate to ever run into someone who has nothing to lose. I'd rather have the option to flash it and shut them up than have something worse happen.

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