Monday, July 20, 2009

Bike Helmets.....YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!

So...I heard the funniest thing on the radio today. It seems that our elected politicians have passed legislation mandating that our kids wear bike helmets.

Not only have they found time to pass a RIDICULOUS LAW , apparently the Columbus Fire Department is going to be GIVING AWAY FREE BIKE HELMETS!!!!WOO FREAKIN HOOO!!!

Last time I checked.... Columbus has a special election issue on the ballet this quarter asking for an income tax increase so that they can pay the Firefighters AND Police Officers! So answer me this..... Why are we giving away bike helmets all the while wasting time AND taxpayer money on frivolous legislation, when we can't even seem to pay our own Civil Service Workers? Not only that, but there are PLENTY of people who work in Columbus, but do not live in Franklin County.

Seeing how they don't live there, they don't even have the opportunity to vote on the matter! I guess the little man doesn't have a voice anymore. Even if they contribute to the local economy. Who cares right?

Doesn't anyone that we elect have any common sense about them? Or is it all about them? I can't help but feel that,sadly enough, it is the latter. They all need to be fired.

Any comments are welcome. I'm always looking for a different point of view.


  1. you forgot to mention the $6mil the city spent on renovating a movie theater, the $3mil spent on putting in public garden plots or all of the money they will spend doing street work this year that doesn't need to be done.

    If it passes it will be another $900 in taxes the wife and I will pay along with whatever will happen when the O starts taxing my health insurance benefits. Gotta love it...

    In the words of Jack Nicholson (as the Joker) in Batman..."This town needs an enema!)

    And by the way, what happened to the stimulus effect we were supposed to see in 6 months or so..I see unemployment going higher, stimulus money spent to build a bridge at MICROSOFT'S campus (isn't that owned by a guy who is worth something like 50 billion dollars?) and a healthcare plan that will cost this country trillions and still not address the main issues facing our health care system.

  2. A bridge at Microsoft @ Ploaris? I havn't heard about that. There isnt NEAR ENOUGH traffic to justify spending the money for that.

    I didnt want to get into the whole healthcare thing for the simple fact that I honestly don't have enought time to say how I feel about it. I'm not that fast of a typer. Botttom line is that im afraid of what our country is becoming. Our childeren are sissy and we coddle them too much, our sence of pride,accomplishment country is in the dumps, and it seems everyone has their hand out.

    I did see a ray of hope on the TV last night... It was a public service announcement AGAINST the the government healtcare plan! AMEN! There was a Canadian woman discussing the wait times that they have to deal with and the selection process that is implimented. Good to see the other side is at work! Anyone up for a Tea party? Im getting closer and closer everyday.