Monday, July 27, 2009

Feds may help bring Wi-Fi to city of Columbus, Ohio

So it seems that our stimulus money has finally shown up in our wonderful city that cant afford to pay for public services. Guess what Columbus? We may get citywide Wi-Fi!

Of course we will have to pay for access. Here is a quote from the article in the Columbus Dispatch.

"We're having real good reliability," said Grant Reveal, director of Gahanna's Technology Department. Once the fiber and wireless technology was in place, using the network wasn't difficult, he said. "We're seeing a huge return on the investment."

I'm sure the HUGE return is being returned to the consumer in reduced rates.

That being said. Open your wallets! We now have something else we MUST have and CANT live without.

Who needs Police and Fire protection anyway? Oh wait. We will pay for that too.

Too bad I can't vote on it!

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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