Friday, July 17, 2009

Bullpup SKS

I saw this on one of the blogs I follow, but I cant recall which one. I may entertain getting one of these for a few reasons.

I have an SKS and I have noticed that it is really heavy in the front. If it was a bullpup design it would bring that front weight closer to the body making it more comfortable.

Another reason is you can attach a scope on a regular SKS but it has to be put on the rear bolt cover. So when you clean it you have to remove the scope. I never checked to see if it held zero but I imagine if you take that cover off, the cover wont reinstall in the exact spot you zeroed it to. So the accessory rail on the bullpup furniture would be helpful in that regard.

The last reason it because i would really like to have a bullpup firearm but i don't want to plunk down $2000+ to get one.

Here's a video of the Bullpup SKS operated by a dork who thinks that a fabric screen will offer some kind of protection. I love how they show him running to the screen a few time at different camera angles as if hes in the middle of the shit. LOOK OUT HE'S GONNA GIT YA!

Although a Steyr AUG would be cool as hell to have too!! Please pardon the narration. I dont know what the hell he is saying but the video is nice! It also sounds kinda cool. "Bla bla bla bla Steyr AUSHEE"

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