Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Collection

Here is a few pics of my collection. It is still a work in progress, but then again what isn't!

Here is my Taurus PT-845

Here is my Beretta 92FS Onix

My Ruger GP100 revolver

These are (From top to bottom)
Franchi I-12 Diamond Semi-auto 12ga. Shotgun
1943 Russian SKS
1942 German Kar98k 8mm
Smith & Wesson M&P 15 W/ Magpul BUS, CQC stock, Vortex StrikeFire red dot(not in pic),and UTG quad rail w/ vertical grip...Yes I went cheap on the quad-rail. I couldn't bring myself to spend buckets of money and a rail system.

Below that on the left is an OLD Iver Johnson .32 top break and to the right is a Harrington and Richardson .22 top break revolver.

my 1944 Mosin Nagant M-44

And last but not least this is the gun that started the whole obsession with firearms, the first one i ever bought, my Benelli Nova 12ga.pump shotgun.

There are more to come too. I wouldn't mind getting a bullpup type gun. Also an AK is in order but the prices have to come down. I'm sure the Taliban doesnt pay $500+ for an AK. Besides I need to learn about the different variants of AK before I decide!

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